Flying might seem complicated and overwhelming, that's because it is! However, we have many members in our division who can fly and simulate the same style of flying the airliners use and have never flown a real airplane before. How is that possible? Thanks to our pilot training program at our division, we offer step by step training from the basics to the most advanced topics.


Air Traffic Controllers provide separation of aircraft in the skies, guide them to their destination, to and from airports, and manage aerodromes. Ever hear the phrase "cleared for takeoff"? How would you like to learn what that actually means? How would you like to say that to another person who's flying on their computer somewhere in the world and provide the most realistic air traffic control service there is? 


Guest Controllers

The Guest Controller Approval rating for the US Division is definitely a great endorsement to have on your profile and for your aviation career. Interested in controlling in the US Division without leaving your home division? Then the GCA program is right for you! Our very structured program will focus on getting used to FAA procedures and how they differ from ICAO. Must be an ADC to apply

Welcome to the North America Region IVAO Academy

Welcome to the IVAO North America Region's Training Academy - your one stop shop to all your training needs!

Whether you are studying for your virtual pilot career, virtual air traffic controller career, or interested in participating in the guest controller approval program, we have all the necessary materials and resources that will assist you in your studies and training. The Training Department's goal is to simulate the real world in every aspect possible on the IVAO network. This includes simulating the FAA and training materials that is provided in the real world of ATC and flying. If it is true realism that you seek, then you are definitely in the right place.

Controlling in the busy skies in Miami or relaxing in the tropical islands of Honolulu, flying complex aircraft in bad weather simulating a real world airliner's flight or taking a relaxing general aviation flight down the Florida coast; we offer many different kinds of training that will cater to your needs and also offer structured training programs from zero knowledge to advanced knowledge. The US and Canada are huge countries full of different landscapes, scenery, time zones, and airports that await you. 

Welcome to the division academy - the learning curve is steep but it's worth it!

If you are unsure where to start, click the "request training" button below and we will contact you. 



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Trainers Wanted


The US Training Department is actively looking for ambitious and self motivated individuals looking to become a Certified IVAO Trainer in the US Division!  


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